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Creation Care Ministry

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St. Mary’s introduces the new Creation Care Ministry (CCM).  We want to create a culture where everyone in the parish sees a role for themselves in caring for God’s Creation, which is one of the parish’s three key priorities. The Rev. Pete Nunnally is supervising clergy. Steering committee members are Nancy Brooks and David Palmer, co-chairs, Michelina Bonanno, Rebecca Carter-Chand, Debra Henke, and Jay Liwanag.  We invite all parishioners to engage in Creation Care with us and we welcome new Ministers. Interested? Please contact the Rev. Janettarose Greene.

Following the lead of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States and our own Diocese of Virginia, we commit ourselves to the Episcopal Covenant to Care of Creation: As we are called by God to care for creation, we support policies that protect the natural resources that sustain all life on Earth. The Church calls for policies that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainable energy, promote the safe and just use of natural resources, and support communities impacted by a lack of environmental stewardship. The Rev. Melanie Muller, Director of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care, is the National Church leader:


The Diocese of Virginia sponsors the complementary Creation Care Task Force. The mission of the Creation Care Task Force is to be a sustainable and inclusive network of Episcopalians in the Diocese of Virginia committed faithfully to uplifting, stewarding, and protecting God’s Creation.  The working groups are focused on three key areas of ministry: Gardening, NetZero Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and EcoGrief/Spiritual Resilience. Stacey Remick-Simkins is the Diocesan task force chair:


St. Mary’s Creation Care Ministry is just getting started!  We invite your ideas. Our ideas include engaging youth and all ages, participating in the Advent Mart, creating top ten lists of easy ways to care for Creation, starting a blog where parishioners can share their thoughts and experiences on engaging with God’s Creation, coordinating investments in Creation Care with the Outreach Committee, sponsoring a Lenten small group, holding a Courageous Conversation, offering a Movie Night, organizing park clean up and gleaning opportunities, installing solar panels (budgeted in Funding the Future), and examining the 2023 Farm Bill related to food security. What do you have in mind?

Our Covenant

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Take a look at the Episcopal Covenant to Care of Creation.


Putting It into Practice 

In Jesus, God so loved the whole world. We follow Jesus, so we love the world God loves. Concerned about the global climate emergency, drawing from a range of approaches for our diverse contexts, we commit to form and restore loving, liberating, life-giving relationships with all of Creation. 


Loving Formation 

For God’s sake, we will grow our love for the Earth and all of life through preaching, teaching, storytelling, and prayer. 


Liberating Advocacy 

For God’s sake, standing alongside marginalized, vulnerable peoples, we will advocate and act to repair Creation and seek the liberation and flourishing of all people. 


Life-Giving Conservation 

For God’s sake, we will adopt practical ways of reducing our climate impact and living more humbly and gently on Earth as individuals, households, congregations, institutions, and dioceses.

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