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Partner Organizations

St. Mary's partners with over 40 organizations to through volunteer work, financial contributions,  offering Outreach Committee Grants, and through regular prayer. See below for more details on some of our current and past partners. 

Other Local & Regional Grants

  • Arlington Friends of Urban Agriculture (2020)

  • Arlington Neighborhood Village (2020)

  • Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (2013)

  • Arlington Free Clinic (2009)

  • EcoAction Arlington Tree Canopy (2022)

  • Arlington Thrive (2019)

  • Aspire! (2022)

  • Culpepper Gardens (2018)

  • Friends of Guest House (2014)

  • L’Arche (2012)

  • Offender Aid and Restoration – OAR (2009)

  • Restoration Immigration Legal Assistance – RILA (2020)

  • Shirlington Employment and Education - SEEC (2013)

  • Virginia Hospital Center Pediatrics (2007)

International Partnerships

St. Mary’s provides financial grants to the following international partners to support their efforts. 

The first year of the grant is indicated in ( ).

Tri-Parish Refugee Sponsorship Circle

St. Mary’s, with All Souls Episcopal Church and St. John’s Lafayette Square, provided housing, furnishings and legal/social services support to an Afghan refugee family. (2021)


Tanzania Food Security

A program in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika that provides educational materials to Tanzanian farmers on techniques to enable them to increase crop yields in the face of climate change. (2022)


Carpenter’s Kids 

An orphan support program in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika that provides an education to children who have been adversely affected by the loss of one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS or other serious illness. (2013)


Episcopal Relief and Development

The compassionate response of The Episcopal Church to human suffering in the world.  Priorities include improving food and nutrition, protecting health and preventing disease, economic stability, providing access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation, and ending violence against women. (2020)


The Dream Project

Empowers Virginia students whose immigration status creates barriers to higher education through access to scholarships, resources, and mentors.  (2018)

Continued - Partnerships Page which is reached via a tab on the Outreach main page


Jerusalem Princess Basma Center

Operating under the umbrella of the Arab Anglican Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, the Centre is a Child Rehabilitation Centre for Palestinian children with disabilities and is a resource for clinical training and dissemination of best practices.  Operates an inclusive school serving children with disabilities from Kindergarten to 12th grade. (2022) 

American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudanese - AFRECS. Focused on pastoral and peace building needs in the Sudan and on caring for the diaspora in the US.  Includes care for orphans, healing from the severe trauma of war, and helping to promote successful resettlement of Sudanese in the US.


Amistad Mission - Bolivia

Since 1990, Villa Amistad has provided a loving Christian community to children who have been abused, abandoned or orphaned.  Amistad has a Child Abandonment Prevention program for families to address the root causes of violence and abuse that lead to family disintegration. (2019)

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