Baby Baptism Ceremony



“Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 298).

Baptism is the foundation for all future church participation and ministry.

The Episcopal Church recognizes any baptism administered with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You can be registered as a baptized member of St. Mary’s if you have been baptized in a church other than the Episcopal Church.

You can send us a letter listing your name, date, current address and state that you wish to have your baptism recognized and registered with our church. Please include a copy of your baptismal or confirmation certificate and mail or deliver all materials to:

Attn: Elizabeth Bruington
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
2609 N. Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22207


If you do not have a certificate, please list in your letter (or email) the details of full name given at the time of baptism, your mother’s maiden name, the date of the baptism, the name of the church, including denomination, as well as address and phone number for the church where you were baptized,  so that we may contact the church.

Questions? Please contact St. Mary’s Parish Co-Administrator at 703-527-6800 or


We have ongoing opportunities to prepare adults to enter more fully into Christian life and faith. For adult baptism, please contact The Rev. Pete Nunnally at


Each candidate for baptism in the Episcopal Church must be sponsored by one or more baptized persons. Sponsors (godparents) speak on behalf of candidates for baptism who are infants or younger children and cannot speak for themselves at the Presentation and Examination of the Candidates. All baptism candidates must complete the baptism prep class (with parents if youth or infant).


Baptism is understood as a community event to be celebrated in the context of corporate worship and the Eucharist. The following worship services may include the sacrament of Baptism.


***Parents wanting to baptize their child/children on any of the listed above are required to attend the corresponding Baptism preparation class at St. Mary’s. To reserve your date, please email St. Mary’s Parish Co-Administrator at

Wedding Bouquet



The bond and covenant of marriage was established by God in creation, and our Lord Jesus Christ adorned this manner of life by his presence and first miracle at a wedding in Cana of Galilee.  – Book of Common Prayer

The parish of St. Mary’s has established policies and traditions to assist couples at the beginning of their life-long covenant with God and one another.  It is understood that persons who wish to be married at St. Mary’s are active, committed parishioners either here or in the community of faith in which they live.  The beginning of this life-long covenant is supported by the entire parish in general and, in particular, by the following specific areas of ministry.

Premarital counseling is required and is conducted in small groups, complemented by individual sessions.  Classes are in the early fall, early winter, and spring with the exact dates varying from year to year.  There are usually four to six sessions covering topics such as the meaning of Christian marriage as contrasted to secular/civil marriage, family, communication, sexuality, children, the use of time, money, etc.  It is within this context that wedding dates may be discussed and confirmed.

Dr. Gregory Hooker our Minister of Music, a talented and well-known organist,  normally provides music for all parish weddings. We strongly encourage the use of classical music and hymns from The Hymnal 1982.  All music must be approved by the Minister of Music and Officiant.

Anyone providing music in lieu of or in addition to, the parish organist may only be authorized by the Minister of Music and the Officiant.  Our Minister of Music works closely with a talented soprano soloist and other musicians.  Please contact him if you would be interested in contracting their services.

Parish Wedding Consultant
The St. Mary’s Altar Guild provides one of its members, who will be assigned when the wedding is scheduled,  as the Parish Wedding Consultant.  They provide liturgical advice and supervise and direct the logistical aspects of the rehearsal and the wedding itself.  This group of devoted volunteers is extremely knowledgeable about wedding protocol in general and St. Mary’s protocol in particular.  Contact information will be provided at scheduling.

Flowers used in the church are provided and arranged by the St. Mary’s Flower Guild, in consultation with and in consideration of the preferences of the couple.  These volunteers are trained and experienced in providing floral offerings for our liturgical spaces.  Commercial florists may not provide flowers to be used in any liturgical spaces.

Facilities Available for the Wedding
The sanctuary seats 275 comfortably.  The chapel seats 40.  The Vestry, a large conference room on the ground level, is available as a “Bride’s Dressing Room.”  All flowers and candles used in liturgical spaces are provided by the St. Mary’s Flower Guild.  Commercial florists may only be used for flowers to be worn or carried by the wedding party and for those used in Paca Hall.  White bows can be used to mark family pews.  A runner is not used because the aisle is carpeted.  Rice, birdseed, confetti, bubbles or rose petals are not permitted inside or outside the church.

Wedding Bulletins are optional.  Couples may provide their own or St. Mary’s will provide a basic bulletin upon request. If you are interested in having St. Mary’s produce the bulletins, speak with the Staff Wedding Coordinator as soon as the wedding date is confirmed.  Any bulletins provided by the couple must be approved by St. Mary’s clergy.

Marriage is a solemn sacrament of the church in a sacred space.  To maintain the dignity of that sacrament, absolutely no photographs are allowed during the liturgy. All photographs taken in the sanctuary must be taken prior to or immediately following the service.  Posed photographs taken following the service should take no more than fifteen minutes. Photographs with clergy should be taken promptly.  There are no restrictions on photography outside the church or in Paca Hall. Video Recordings are only allowed from a stationary point as directed by the wedding coordinator.

A rehearsal for all members of the wedding party is scheduled for the day before the Marriage at 6:00 p.m.  It lasts approximately forty-five minutes and is under the direction of the Officiant assisted by the Parish Wedding Consultant and the Minister of Music.

Parish Guidelines permit the use of wine, champagne, and beer only.  Nonalcoholic beverages must be offered as attractively as the alcoholic items.  Alcoholic beverages must never be sold. All applicable laws and ordinances must be observed.

Paca Hall can be reserved at the same time wedding dates are finalized. For both members and non-members, if more than punch and wedding cake are to be served, there is an additional refundable deposit of $200 required. The deposit will be billed at the same time as the other fees due to St. Mary’s. The deposit will be refunded if the kitchen and hall are returned to the appropriate state after the event.   Due to the heavy use of the hall, all clean-up must be completed immediately following the event.  Under no circumstances can rented equipment or furniture remain on St. Mary’s premises after the event is completed.  St. Mary’s does have some equipment available. Please contact the Staff Wedding Coordinator for further details concerning the use of Paca Hall.

Weddings are scheduled in the context of premarital counseling.  If at least one member of the couple is not currently a committed, active member of this parish, then the initial step is for the couple to attend worship services at St. Mary’s and to determine if this is the community of faith within which they wish to live out their marriage vows.
The St. Mary’s Staff Wedding Coordinator will forward a Wedding Information form to prospective couples. Once the completed form hs been returned, the Coordinator will confirm the wedding date. Weddings are normally scheduled on Saturdays between 10:00 am and 4:00 p.m.   Weddings are not held during the seasons of Advent, Lent or on holiday weekends.  As the wedding date is being scheduled, the Minister of Music should be contacted to ensure his availability and to schedule a consultation.
Questions? Email or call the Wedding Coordinator Janet Tasker at 703-527-6800.


As people of faith, we know that Christ’s Easter victory has overcome death, but are still aware of the challenges, difficulties, and loss at such times.

We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our prayers and assist individuals to prepare for the occasion of death as well as help family members make arrangements for a funeral service.


Does one need to be a member of St. Mary’s to have a funeral at the church?

No, St. Mary’s welcomes all people and families seeking to have a funeral at our church.

Who do I contact at St. Mary’s to report the death of a loved one?

Please contact any member of the clergy or call St. Mary’s Parish Administrator Elizabeth Bruington at 703-527-6800.

What steps can I take to help my family and friends on the occasion of my death? 

Preparing a list of personal information in writing and left in convenient places known by trusted individuals is a good place to start. Download this Personal Information Guide, as well as Notes on My Funeral Services to help make your wishes known.

I have lost someone I deeply love and don’t know where to begin in laying them to rest.

Please contact any member of the clergy or call St. Mary’s Co- Administrator Elizabeth Bruington at 703-527-6800.  Additionally, download an Outline of Funeral Preparatory Steps for Loved Ones to be followed at the time of death.


What can I expect at an Episcopal Church for a burial?

As Christians, we always understand that funerals are resurrection celebrations even as we say farewell to loved ones. At the Burial of the Dead those who mourn may express grief and sorrow as they share in the community’s expression of faith, hope, and mutual support in Jesus Christ.

To learn more about the funeral rites and service options, visit the Episcopal Church Webpage for a full description of Burial of the Dead

Flower Arrangement